Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why do I use IronPython?

Davy Mitchell has written a brief blog entry explaining why he uses IronPython:
1) Time is critical so that fact I can learn more .Net and Python at the same time is just great.

2) The Framework is substantial, stable and well maintained. In CPython I am frustrated by non-core libraries getting out of sync (some 2.4, some 2.5 etc months apart).

3) Python is a good application language, a good scripting language and it is currently the best and most mature one for .Net. The IronPython team are helpful and responsive too. It is also maturing very well.

4) IronPython makes it easier to get the best out of Windows - it is a more natural fit than CPython.

5) Winforms is nicer than WxPython :-) wxPython itself is great but can’t disguise the C style API enough for me. Nightmares of MFC development return too quickly!!

6) Silverlight is a great solution for Python in a browser. Nothing comes close in the CPython world.

Don't get me wrong - I have 3 versions of CPython installed and use Google App Engine too !!

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