Monday, April 06, 2009

A Good Mix: IronPython Videos, Code and Blog Entries

Time for another collection of links on IronPython and the Dynamic Language Runtime.
A video from Mix 2009 on using dynamic languages to write and test Silverlight applications. Unfortunately it demos IronRuby, but John Lam is the presenter so it should be entertaining (and the core Silverlight development techniques for IronPython and IronRuby are very similar). The tag line: how programming with dynamic languages helps improve the dev experience.
A blog entry by Darren Hawley. It is an IronPython recipe showing a WCF (Windows Communications Foundation - the web services library included in .NET 3.0) host that consumes a library written in C#. It shows how to use ServiceHost, BasicHttpBinding and other core WCF classes.
It has become de-rigueur in these link collections to include an entry not in the English language. This article is an interview with William Rank, who is with the R&D company label.newtest-ip, which after using Python for years now uses IronPython in its applications. From google translate:
This language [Python] allows us to develop sophisticated scripts to reproduce complex transactions such as controlling the browser, simulating a mouse, keyboard ...

In fact we are not developing directly "by hand" the scripts, but we have automatic software generation to create programs from actions by a user (think of what the generator Office with macros and vba ). We may supplement the generated scripts, but most of the generation is automatic.

Then in 2005 we chose to develop our robots to measure technology. Net. The choice of. Net has been driven by gains in productivity, simplicity and power. So naturally we turned to for the IronPython scripting. This allowed us to fully exploit the environment. Net. On the other hand as we use third party technologies. Net choosing Ironpython vs Python was imposed on us.

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