Saturday, April 25, 2009

UK MSDN Flash - Best of 2008

MSDN Flash is a UK developer magazine distributed monthly by Microsoft to ten of thousands of developers with news and upcoming events. Every issue also includes a 400-500 word technical article and two of the articles in 2008 were on the subject of IronPython and the Dynamic Language Runtime.

The best articles of 2008 have been collected into a free ebook (pdf), and both the articles on dynamic languages are included:
Every two weeks we send an email out to tens of thousands of UK based developers. This email is called the MSDN Flash. The Flash contains many useful sections including a 400 to 500 word technical article on a developer related topic either written by a member of the Microsoft UK technical team or a member of the broader UK developer community. We have had some great articles over the years which to some extent end up “hidden away” in the archives of the MSDN Flash. This is a shame as the authors have worked hard to condense complex topics into short articles which are informative and take only a few minutes to read.

I decided it was time to surface the best of the articles on a regular basis and provide them in an easy to download and read eBook. This initial edition covers the period January 2008 to January 2009 but we aim to create a new eBook every six months from here on in. The next edition should therefore be out around August 2009.
The two articles of particular interest are:
  • Combining Dynamic Languages and Static Languages 13
  • Getting Started with IronPython 14

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