Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Sweet Selection

A collection of projects, articles and links related to IronPython.
A C# project which, as far as I can tell, (the project page is in Japanese) sets up a local IRC server that acts as a gatway to twitter. It is scriptable in both IronPython and IronRuby and includes some example scripts to get you started.
"LitS3 is a library written in C# that provides comprehensive and straightforward access to Amazon S3 for .NET developers"., by Atif Aziz is a command line interface to LitS3 written in IronPython:


COMMAND is one of:
ls (list), put, get, puts, gets, pops, rm (del),
authurl, mkbkt, rmbkt, ids
COMMAND-specific arguments

All commands require two arguments:

--aws-key-id VALUE Your AWS access key ID
--aws-secret-key VALUE Your AWS secret access key
Here's some code that I've done while learning the language. In this python code I explored the Google Calendar through its API. Creating an instance of the service,ClientLogin and retrieving entries were pretty much straightforward. But creating,updating and deleting calendar's event(or entries) really took me sometime to make it work. On creating entries, I had a hard time coding the this

Insert(TEntry)(Uri, TEntry)

in python. It took a help from IPY mailing list to get on with my programming. On updating and deleting entries, I thought it would be straightforward but it's not. But, anyway I figured it out how to delete or update entries.

Below is the class that explore the Google Calendar API.
Codeplex now supports hosting Silverlight applications on project pages. The DLR Console, an interactive Python environment in the browser, is now available live on the IronPython project site.
DiscoveryScript is an Excel add-in that makes it very easy to run Python scripts from Excel ("Excel macros in Python") using IronPython. DiscoveryScript uses IronPython version 1.1.2.
DiscoveryScript includes a Python console that you can use for testing commands. The 'excel' variable in the python script refers to an Excel Application object. See the Microsoft documentation for the COM object model for Excel.
Another blog entry from Dave Fugate, this one explaining recent changes to the way the IronPython source code is layed out on Codeplex:
Anyone who has seen the IronRuby source repository directory structure on Git knows that both IronPython and DLR's public repositories on CodePlex are heavily modified from the original version we use internally at Microsoft. Well it's still nothing like IronRuby's layout, but we have taken a few steps to get IronPython's CodePlex sources more in synch with our internal repository structure. In a nutshell, this means that all DLR C# projects have moved into a new "Runtime" directory and Silverlight projects can now be found under "Hosts\Silverlight".

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