Thursday, April 02, 2009

IronPython Events

We've had a great time at PyCon and I'm still here in Chicago on the last day of the sprints. The whole event, from language summit through conference through sprints, was pure awesomeness and IronPython was right at the centre. There is also exciting news about IronPython in Action, but all of this will have to wait.

In the meantime there are a couple of IronPython events happening soon:
Geek Night at Thoughtworks. Three discussions:
  1. IronPython
  2. Writing Ruby like code in C#
  3. Distributed Version Control Systems
When: Saturday, 4th April, 2pm onwards
Where: Thoughtworks, GF-01 & MZ-01, Tower C, Panchshil Tech Park, Yerwada
Registration and Fees: This event is free for all to attend.

The IronPython talk is from Aroj George:

Aroj will take you through some cool ways you can use the power of Python in the .NET world. This talk includes a demo of embedding an IronPython engine in a .NET application to enable interactive exploration and dynamic behaviour.
On the 8th April Darrell Hawley is speaking to the Ann Arbor .NET developer's group:

You've heard about IronPython and maybe have even taken the time to write the obligatory "Hello, World" application. Now what? The buzz around IronPython continues but there's still little guidance on tools and development processes. This presentation focuses on the basics of interacting with C# and VB.NET libraries using IronPython while introducing useful tools and techniques to get you started. Though experience with .NET is necessary, the samples and discussions are understandable to even beginning Python developers.

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