Thursday, April 02, 2009

IPY4SPD - IronPython for SharePoint Designer Workflow

IPY4SPD is a new project on Codeplex by Nathan Freeze - the iLoveSharePoint guy. It integrates IronPython scripting capabilities with SharePoint and made a release on March 31st. The tag line for the project is fun. The project page has some screenshots demonstrating how to use it.
IPY4SPD - When the need to get it done overwhelms the need to do it right!
This project adds IronPython script activities to Sharepoint Designer allowing busy developers and power users to scratch out workflows quickly.

Now you can manipulate your SharePoint objects at will using the pure clean power of Python!

Script errors are formatted and reported in the workflow history.

Returning a value from the script variable is optional.
References to System and Microsoft.SharePoint are passed to your scripts by default (just import them)
Four contextual workflow variables are available to your script activity:
  • __site__ (the current SPSite)
  • __web__ (the current SPWeb)
  • __list__ (the current SPList)
  • __item__ (the current SPListItem)

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  1. Thanks for checking IPY4SPD out. I just wanted to clarify that I'm not the iLoveSharePoint guy, but I am a fan of his work. The latest IPY4SPD release adds an activation properties (__actprops__) variable and some examples. Check it out if you get bored.


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