Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More on IronPython Profiler, IronPython Debugger and the Entity Framework Profiler

This post features three blog entries on tools being developed for or using IronPython.
Curt Hagenlocher (core IronPython developer blogging as IronCurt) had been working on a profiler for IronPython; one of the standard programming tools that up until now has been difficult or unavailable for IronPython. This is his second post on the profiler, which is being built into IronPython itself. He explains how it works, how to use it, and how it can also be used as a code coverage tool.
Harry Pierson (IronPython PM and blogging as DevHawk) has been working on an IronPython debugger. In this blog entry he explains how he has extended the breakpoint handling of his debugger beyond the simple breakpoint setting that he implemented very early on:

"Setting a breakpoint was the second feature I implemented in ipydbg. While setting a breakpoint on the first line of the Python file being run is convenient, it was obviously necessary to provide the user a mechanism to create their own breakpoints, as well as enable and disable existing breakpoints."
I very recently blogged about the interesting Entity Framework Profiler, with scripting support through the DLR, that Simon Segal was working on. He has posted a new entry, which also makes the version of the profiler with scripting support available for download:

"Because I would like to write my Repositories and monitor their behaviour in the Profiler I decided that I could kill two birds with one console (so to speak). The first bird to kill involved my spending as much time as possible in the pursuit of both learning IronRuby and gaining better understanding of the more interesting problems that can be solved with dynamic languages implemented on top of the DLR. I can see the possibilities of hosting the DLR to provide scripting support to applications and after having implemented my own hosted IronRuby consoles I eventually decided to reuse one that was more fully featured, saving me quite a bit of time by best fitting the Profiler’s needs. The console I chose in the end was IronEditor which is available on codeplex."

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