Saturday, April 25, 2009

Your next text editor is... MetaNote!

One of the classic use cases of IronPython for .NET developers is embedding it into applications written in C#. The DLR is designed to be used in this way and has a nice API for embedding. This makes it easy to add user scripting to applications.

It also allows for a more general extensible architecture, where part of the application is written in IronPython and it can also be extended with IronPython.

One application that takes this approach is Intellipad, an editor that is part of the Microsoft Oslo framework.

Another editor that takes a similar approach is the newly created MetaNote editor, the brainchild of Leon Bambrick:
MetaNote is a text editor. Ultimately, MetaNote intends to be the most versatile editor imaginable. See that button in the toolbar? Right click on it, and edit the code behind it. Don't like the way 'Find' works? -- right click on it, and edit the code. Need a new button in the toolbar? So add it already, with a single click. Share packs of extensions and macros with other users. Everything in MetaNote is under your control, effortlessly, at runtime.
MetaNote is open source, with a Google Code Project Page where you can checkout the sources or download a binary release.

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  1. Cheers Michael!

    Our plan is to smash intellipad out of the water, then write some spreadsheet features and destroy that resolver one application too!

    Nah, not exactly.

    More like: just having fun with Python and C#.


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