Sunday, April 05, 2009

IronPython Podcasts

Two podcasts on IronPython and dynamic languages on the .NET framework have gone live recently.
In this podcast I have a fifty minute conversation with the .NET Rocks guys on IronPython and dynamic languages in general. I'm even nice about Ruby! Apparently the .NET Rocks podcast has around 300 000 (!) regular listeners, so it was great to be able to promote Python and IronPython in Action to the .NET community.
IronPython PM Harry Pierson on the CodeCast podcast. The actual interview starts a little way into the podcast:
In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy and Markus Egger discuss upcoming developer event news and dynamic languages. This show’s interview is with Ken discussing IronPython with Harry Pierson, a program manager on Microsoft’s dynamic languages team.

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