Friday, May 15, 2009

An IronPython Presentation

Tarn Barford is another .NET developer interested in IronPython. He has just done a presentation for the Victoria .NET user group and the slides and his notes are on his blog:
Basic information about the language and its background. Would have liked to have added meta programming or at least “...” to the paradigms.

I think it’s a fantastic language so I’ll mention it’s expressive, fun, productive or whatever adjectives I’ve got in my head at the time.

People using Python
I really want to demonstrate that Python is real language, being used by real people, to write real code.

I probably should also have mentioned Google App Engine here which I’ve been tinkering with a bit recently and think is pretty cool.

The Python language on .Net. Most of the demo is doing cool stuff in .Net with the Python language. I think it goes further than this and allows developers to use their own paradigms and patterns to do .NET development.

C# and IronPython comparison
I saw this example in the awesome IronPython in Action book. I included it as it’s a great introduction IronPython code, as it clearly and simply shows differences on similarities with C#.

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