Saturday, August 18, 2007

JVM Language Runtime (inspired by the DLR)

The DLR is at the heart of IronPython 2, and is a dynamic type system and language hosting system for .NET - abstracted out of IronPython 1. It makes creating dynamic languages for the CLR (the .NET VM) much easier and makes it possible for those languages to interact with each other (sharing a common type system).

Inspired by this, Charles Nutter (core developer of JRuby - Ruby for the Java VM) has started a similar project for the JVM:

JVM Language Runtime Project

This includes code and cooperation from the teams behind JRuby, Jython and Groovy - all prominent dynamic languages for 'Java-as-platform'.

Both JRuby and Jython are working heavily on their current implementations, but in the future both languages intend to use the 'JLR' to simplify and share their work.

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