Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A New DLR Based .NET Language: IronLisp

There is a new member of the 'dynamic languages on .NET' family: IronLisp

The announcment is here:
It is built on top the Dynamic Language Runtime, which is at the heart of IronPython.

You can see a syntax example, including some benchmarks comparing against Python / IronPython / C# at: Benchmarks.

If you're interested in .NET languages, you may be interested in the Duck Typing Project. This is a library that implements duck typing for .NET, and is written in C#. The interesting thing is that it implements compile time duck typing rather than runtime.

From the website:

Duck typing is a principle of dynamic typing in which an object's current set of methods and properties determines the valid semantics, rather than its inheritance from a particular class.

The library handles a lot of casting between types that you would other wise have to do yourself, for example:

Casting a given object to a given interface that it does not implement by definition, but provides a compatible implementation of all its members. (This is done by dynamically generating a proxy type.)


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