Monday, August 20, 2007

Python.NET is Alive & Well

Python.NET is a project that hasn't had much publicity since IronPython became popular. Python.NET is a build of CPython with support for .NET, meaning that you can use .NET assemblies with ordinary Python (overcoming some of the limitations of IronPython - like the non-availability of C extensions).

There was recently an announcement (dated July 29th) about progress:

Good evening Python for .NET users!

I've a list of great news for you. In the past weeks I've spent some time in fixing and enhancing PythonNet.

  • PythonNet now works with Python 2.4 and 2.5. Python 2.6 compatibility is already prepared.
  • A bunch of small bugs were fixed and some new features implemented. Generics, overloading and variable parameter function should work better.
  • PythonNet also works under Un*x and Mono with UCS 2 and UCS 4 builds of Python. Two unit tests are currently failing.
  • The source repository contains project files for MS Visual Studio and MonoDevelop.
  • The clr module provides new features: AddReference, ListAssemblies(verbosity), preload
It sounds like Python.NET is alive and well...

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