Thursday, August 16, 2007

New and Updated Recipes in the Cookbook

There have been several new entries in the IronPython cookbook recently:

  • The IronPython 2 Parser - An example of using the IronPython 2 Parser API to extract the variable names used in a Python expression.
  • Screen Capture - Taking a screenshot from IronPython with Windows Forms.
  • Using Python Functions from C# - An example of embedding IronPython 2 in C# that creates IronPython functions and calls them from C#.
A while ago Andrzej Krzywda posted an example of downloading web pages with IronPython. It turns out that the examples can be made even shorter. See Accessing the Web with IronPython for details.

The IronPython Cookbook Downloading a Web Page recipe has been appropriately updated.

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