Friday, August 31, 2007

Mono 1.2.5 Released

Mono 1.2.5 has just been released. You can read the changelog here.

"This release fixes various issues that were exposed by IronPython 2.0 preview release and the Dynamic Language Runtime from Microsoft. They are both functional on this release."

Presumably this means that IronPython 2 (which is still in alpha) will now run on an unpactched Mono!

I also assume that the included version of IronPython is now 1.1 final rather than 1.1 alpha.

Other relevant changes:

Devirtualization optimization for sealed classes and methods, improving IronPython 2.0 pystone performance by 4%. Other programs can expect similar improvement [Rodrigo].

Invocation speed of non-multicast delegate methods has been increased by calling directly into the delegate, this improves IronPython 2.0 (pystone) performance by 25% [Zoltan Varga].

Math.Min and Math.Max are now inlined for signed integers and String.OrdinalCompare has been tuned to use these, which results in a 2-3% performance increase in running PyStone with IronPython.

Lots of other good stuff in there, including some support for the Mono implementation of Silverlight 1.1, Moonlight.

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