Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Easy Install on IronPython

Jeff Hardy (the NSWGI and Django on IronPython) has been trying to get easy install running with IronPython (2 beta 4).
He includes instructions which will get you as far as easy install downloading an egg and then failing to decompress it because of an incomplete zlib implementation (using the partial implementation that comes with FePy).

"setuptools is a critical piece of the Python ecosystem: it extends distutils, but more importantly it provides easy_install, which is used by almost every Python library and application to handle installation. Making easy_install work in IronPython would make it far easier to download and install Python libraries."

"The good news is that it's not too hard to get going; there are only a couple of bugs that need to be worked around. The bad news is that it can't work with any of the files that are downloaded, as the zlib module is shot."

I wonder if zlib would work with Ironclad? The Bz2 module already works with Ironclad.

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