Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dave's Ramblings: Dave Fugate on Testing IronPython Performance

Dave Fugate is a tester on the IronPython team. The IronPython team has recently done some great work on IronPython 2 performance improvements and Dave has started blogging on how they measure IronPython performance.

His initial blog entry introduces himself and what he does (plus IronPython related topics he intends to blog about):
He has a two part blog entry on how they measure performance (the hardware infrastructure) and the results over time comparing 32bit to 64bit OSes.

Every checkin triggers a benchmark run that takes over six hours (running a combination of PyBench, PyStone and custom microbenchmarks) on custom OS install.
The second part compares performance (both PyStone and PyBench) for two identical machines - one running 32bit Vista and the other running 64bit Vista. Interestingly performance is worse for x64 architecture than it is for x86.

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