Sunday, August 31, 2008

IronPython Projects and Ironclad on Mono

There have been a few new projects using IronPython announced recently, plus Seo has been working on getting Ironclad to run on Mono.


Ironclad is a project to get Python C extensions working with IronPython. Although the project was created with a cross-platform implementation in mind, it is currently Windows only. Seo Sanghyeon has just posted the start of a patch for Mono compatibility to the Ironclad mailing list. He is hoping that the Mono port will pass the Ironclad test suite within a week.

More of a script than a project, but still cool. It receives Unix syslog packets and store them as Windows eventlog - in 44 lines of IronPython.

Joseph Jude has started an IronPython project called 'mysecs' to track how much time he spends in different applications. It is a desktop and web web applications to "measure/analyse time spent in a day":
ryPDF Report Tools

Ryan wrote a Python PDF report generation tool in Python (and then lost the source code!). He needed something similar to use from VB.NET, so he rewrote it in IronPython.

This project has been around for a while, but I've never posted about it. It is a "Rich Browser Platform" that provides an extensible "tabbed web browser by default and plugin architecture". There are no releases made but you can checkout from the subversion repository. Although the project is written in C#, the '0.3' code supports IronPython.

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