Saturday, August 30, 2008

NVidia FX Composer 2.5: Scripted with IronPython

This is old news, but something that I've only just discovered. NVidia FX Composer 2.5 is scripted with IronPython. FX Composer 2.5 (Windows only I guess) is a "powerful integrated development environment for shader authoring".

The home page has screenshots and more details:
From the FX Composer User Guide (PDF):

"Scripting in FX Composer is typically accomplished using the Python scripting language. The implementation of Python used is IronPython 1 from Microsoft. IronPython supports all of the standard python syntax & library, with the additional advantage that it is implemented in a .NET language. This means that python scripting in FX Composer can call the rest of the FX Composer engine without additional work. It is important to note that none of the core functionality of FX Composer requires Python. The scripting is implemented entirely using a plugin (FXComposer.UI.Python), and in theory any scripting language that could communicate with the FX Composer engine could be used."

The user guide contains details of the FXComposer namespaces and examples of scripting with Python (including hooking into editor functionality like Undo/Redo and creating graphics objects like a torus).

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