Monday, August 25, 2008

ASP.NET: Dynamically Creating Objects and Binding them to a Form

A new post from the IronPython Resource blog on using IronPython with ASP.NET. This blog entry focusses on the easy creation of forms with data binding. The technique used is based on an article for C# that uses reflection. Of course with the introspection capabilities of Python, there is no need for the reflection.
The example project is available for download and is easy to extend.


  1. The problem with these articles is that right now there's no clear plan for IronPython support for ASP.Net

  2. Well Microsoft sees the future of ASP.NET in their MVC framework - which I think is a much better offering and they are working on the dynamic language support for that.

    ASP.NET (as it is) is going to be around for a *long* time and I agree that they haven't made their intentions (with respect to IronPython support) clear at all!


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