Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Checking Type Contract from IronPython

Ronnie Maor blogs about testing a C# interface interface that is implemented in IronPython. As Python is generally much more relaxed he needs to ensure that IronPython honours the type contract of the interface it is implementing. He tests this by testing the Python code through the C# interface (which will complain loudly if you use the wrong types) - making the calls via reflection.
"One thing I wanted to test is that my class implements the C# interface correctly in terms of methods' signatures. Otherwise IronPython throws an exception when it tries to map the arguments to the python method, or when it tries to convert the return value. However, my tests are in python, and calls to the object from python don't go through the type checking/conversion parts."

"To overcome this, I call the methods using .NET reflection, which mimics a C# call more accurately and goes through the type checking code. Here's the utility class that helps streamline this process:"

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