Friday, December 05, 2008

Silvershell 0.6 Released

Dan Eloff has announced the release of Silvershell 0.6. (Also known as Python/E - Python Everywhere!).
Silvershell is an interactive Python interpreter (for Python 2.5 as it is based on IronPython 2) with two clients (implemented in pure Python). It runs in the browser with Silverlight 2 or on the desktop with a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation - which means it won't run on Mono) User Interface.

It is much more polished than my Python in the Browser, with features including:
  • Saving of preferences
  • Autocomplete and call tips
  • The ability to switch processing to a background thread
Here is the announcement that Dan posted to the IronPython mailing list:

"New in this release is the ability to run on the desktop with WPF, execution of code in background threads, and a scratchpad canvas for playing with UI controls."

"There are still some bugs lurking in the intellisense code, and I'll be following soon with a bugfix release. But it works, and you can try it out. I find it more user friendly than the command prompt."

As well as being a fun and potentially useful tool, it is a good example of how web and desktop applications can be maintained with similar codebases through Silverlight and WPF.

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