Tuesday, December 16, 2008

IronPython 2 Final Released

IronPython 2 final (or Release To Web in Microspeak) is finally out. IronPython 2 targets Python 2.5, is built on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime and runs on .NET 2 SP1, Mono 2.2 and Silverlight.
This release of IronPython includes improvements in many feature areas such as better .NET interop support and hosting Python from managed code. There have been many other major improvements as well. The most notable are:
  • An MSI installer for Windows platforms which includes parts of the CPython 2.5 standard library
  • IronPython assemblies targeting Silverlight and tools such as Chiron to improve the Silverlight dynamic development experience
  • The addition of more C-based standard modules such as cmath and _winreg
  • Significant improvements in importing compatibility and features
  • Distribution of IronPython under the Microsoft Public License which has been approved by OSI
  • Performance improvements. On that note, a new Wiki page has been created for IronPython performance reports
  • Over 500 bugs have been closed in 2.0. 453 of these were reported on CodePlex
  • Support for precompilation of Python source files into a single dll
This seems like an opportune time to remind everyone that we fix bugs based on the number of votes they have on CodePlex. As we’re planning on releasing IronPython 2.0.1 fairly soon, please vote for your favorite bugs to help ensure they get fixed in time for the next release.

The IronPython 2 download page also includes some of the IronPython samples that have been converted to work with IronPython 2. One of these is Pyc, the command line compiler tool that creates binary distributions of IronPython applications and libraries.

Along with IronPython 2, there is an official release of the DLR: version 0.9. You can also read the release notes.

The release notes for DLR 0.9 note:

The DLR project provides one-stop shopping for folks who want to:
  • Implement a language on .NET using the DLR
  • Add dynamic features to their existing language like C#’s ‘dynamic’
  • Add scripting to their applications.
  • Create .NET libraries with dynamic objects
This Codeplex project includes the DLR sources as well as sources for IronPython, IronRuby, and samples (such as ToyScript).

We’re shipping some of this in the .NET 4.0 release coming up. Some parts are still open to design changes as we solidify those parts for post .NET 4.0, and we’ll continue to add more docs and samples. We will have coordinated releases or sync points across IronPython and IronRuby sites for major releases so that if you’re not pulling from the DLR project, you can still see which sources or releases are consistent across our projects.

Jim Hugunin did a great talk at PDC 08 on DLR architecture, concepts, and coding with the .NET 4.0 functionality.

If you want to read some documents without downloading sources or bits, you can read the DLR specs.

There is a discussion list (click on the “get email notifications” link). All mail there goes to dlr@microsoft.com which has all the folks working on the DLR and our languages on it.

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