Saturday, December 27, 2008

Introducing IronPython

Harry Pierson wrote an article on IronPython for the CoDe magazine. Initially it was behind a paywall, but now the whole article is available to read:
"One of the somewhat frustrating aspects of C# is the amount of structure that gets forced on the developer. Some of the structure is related to static typing, such as specifying variable types and casting operators. However, there are also no stand-alone functions in C#, much less just a bunch of code in a simple script. All functions have to be attached to an object, meaning the simplest implementation of “hello, world!” in C# looks like this":

class Program
static void Main()
System.Console.WriteLine("Hello, World");

Contrast that with the Python version:

print "Hello, World”

"Obviously, you don’t judge a language completely by its implementation of “hello, world”. But the point is that Python scales well with complexity."

His conclusion:

"Between significant whitespace and dynamic typing, there’s no question Python is a wholly different development experience from C# or VB. I’m a recent convert to Python from C#, so I know exactly how strange it can feel. But once you get past that feeling of unfamiliarity, you start to see just how productive Python can be."

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