Monday, December 01, 2008

IronPython in Action Update and a Review

IronPython in Action, the book co-written by myself and Christian Muirhead, is still wending its way towards actually being available in the shops. It's currently going through copy editing and technical review. The copy editor is doing a fantastic job of fixing all our grammar and punctuation and generally making the book a better read for those who are bothered by errant commas and semi-colons. Dino Veihland is very kindly acting as our technical reviewer; and is also doing a marvellous job.

Meanwhile, for those who don't want to wait, the full text of the book (pre-copy editing and without the appendices - but still awesome) is available via the Manning Early Access Program. This gets you a PDF version now, and a hardcopy when the book hits the trees. The early access version has just been updated to cover the latest versions of the IronPython 2 hosting API, ASP.NET IronPython integration and Silverlight 2:
Davy Mitchell has been reading the early access version, and has posted a review:
He seems to like it:

"In conclusion, if you are interested in IronPython this book is a must for your bookshelf. 'IronPython In Action' gives a packed tour of IronPython across the key technologies from the desktop, databases, system administration to the web server and client side. Commendably it manages to bring all interested groups along for the ride and you will definitely be inspired to 'Action'. Ho ho. Going back to my initial goals after reading it, I definitely have improved my IronPython, Python and .Net. Result."

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