Tuesday, December 02, 2008

LiveFX using IronPython

Ori Amiga is the group program manager of the Live Framework development platform. He has started a blog, and in his first entry he demonstrates how to use the LiveFX SDK from IronPython.

According to the website:

"The Live Framework is the uniform way for programming Live Services from a variety of platforms, programming languages, applications and devices. Consume and combine Live Services to build applications that span across digital devices and the web."

    1. Download and install the latest IronPython console from [here]
    2. Grab the sample LiveOE.py file from [here]
    3. Edit the LiveOE.py file and change the line
      sdkLibsPath = r"..\LiveFrameworkSDK\Libraries\.Net Library"
      to reflect the path where you’ve installed the LiveFX SDK .NET libraries
    4. Launch the IronPython console from the command line: [ipy.exe -X:TabCompletion]
    5. At the console, you can now type something like:
import LiveOE
livefx = LiveOE.Connect("username@live.com", "password")
for i in livefx.Mesh.MeshObjects.Entries:
print i.Resource.Title

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