Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ironclad Screencast and NumPy in Resolver One

Following on from the release of Ironclad 0.8 it is now possible to run through the NumPy tutorial at the IronPython interactive interpreter.

Resolver Systems also has exciting news about using NumPy inside the spreadsheet. We have a four minute screencast showing off both of these things:
The screencast demonstrates using NumPy arrays of up to a million numbers inside the spreadsheet grid, with impressive performance despite being early days in the integration. For two dimensional arrays the grid is a natural representation; and multi-dimensional arrays can be sliced through the user interface.

The spreadsheet part of the screencast uses the new beta version of Resolver One, which is built on IronPython 2:
New features in version 1.4 include:
  • We’ve moved over to IronPython 2.0. This brings you some immediate advantages, including bugfixes to the core scripting language, new supported core libraries like urllib2, and support for Python 2.5 syntax in your user code.
  • Alpha support for numpy, Python’s flagship number-crunching library. This feature is very much at an “early access” level - but it’s certainly ready enough for you to try and to tell us what we need to add to make it ready for your needs.
  • The first steps towards what we call “model-side scripting”. In Resolver One 1.4, you can set cell’s formulae from your button click handlers. While this is a small change in itself, it has big consequences - and should be a big help for people trying to write CRUD applications in Resolver One.
  • A major upgrade to our support for statistical calculations, with 24 new statistics functions, from AVEDEV to VAPR.

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