Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blogpingr goes GUI

Blogpingr is a Python command line tool for pinging xml-rpc services when you write a new blog entry. Norman Kosmal has been playing with IronPython, so he decided to use it to give blogpingr a GUI:
Now diving into IronPython I decided to give blogpingr a GUI. I am lazy, just so you know and using a shell to execute the programm got me bored. Also this probably is a good oportunity to check out how you can use window forms from within IronPython.

Of course credit goes to Borislav Gizdov`s for coming up with blogpingr in the first place. I just hooked his code into IronPython structures.

I still got to add threads to this programm so the methods won`t lockdown the textbox on execution. Maybe I will add some inplace editing functions to add, edit or remove rpc servers from the .conf file. Once that is down I will release the source on this blog. So stay tuned for updates.

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