Friday, February 13, 2009

IronPython in Action Reviewed by Lawrence Oluyede

Lawrence Oluyede is a Python developer who used to do C# development and has also used IronPython. He has been reviewing IronPython in Action, and has posted summaries of all fifteen chapters in Italian as he has read them. You can read all of his summaries from here.

He has now written a review in English. This also summarises the chapters, but is not as long as the Italian entries!

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to read Michael Foord’s upcoming book: IronPython in Action and let me say that I found it extremely interesting, and I suggest it to everybody needing (or wanting) to work with .NET from a dynamic perspective or to .NET developers interested in the world out there.
The book covers a lot of ground, sometimes deeply, sometimes just in the surface but it seems to talk about everything there’s to know to make that ground solid enough to build something lasting.
From the Python introduction to IronPython extension, from IronPython embedding to XML, Visual Studio, testing, metaprogramming, Windows Presentation Foundation (the .NET new UI), system administration, ASP.NET, databases, Silverlight and much more.

His conclusions:

I personally found the book very enlightening and there’s much of interesting stuff in there for both Python and .NET developers. I guess it’s the first book on IronPython and anyway it’s a must have for everyone who needs to work on .NET.
It shows there are some unpolished parts with the integration and some differences between CPython and IronPython behavior but it can only become better in the future.

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