Wednesday, February 25, 2009

web2py - a Python web framework that supports IronPython

At PyCon 200 Dino Viehland (core IronPython developer) demonstrated Django running on IronPython. This was very cool, but required minor modifications to Django 0.9.6. Since then Jeff Hardy has been working on getting the latest version of Django working with IronPython, but it isn't yet ready for the prime time.

Meanwhile, web2py is a Python web framework (yes, another one) created by Massimo Di Pierro as part of a course he teaches on Python. Amongst other things, it is being used to run the PyCon 2009 registration system.

The latest release of web2py is the recently announced 1.56 (56!?):
Included in the announcement is this:
- Runs on Jython (although without db drivers)
- Runs on IronPython (although without CSV, db drivers and internal web-server)
As far as I know web2py is the first Python web framework to include IronPython support out of the box.

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