Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Problem Solver: IronPython in Action

Maurice De Beijer (the Problem Solver) is a Microsoft MVP, and one of the organisers of the Software Developer Network events in Holland. He has also reviewed a pre-release copy of IronPython in Action.
At the start of the review he explains his interest in Python:
So why am I interested in a book about IronPython? Well I used to do some Python programming a number of years ago and found the language kind of nice to work with. Working with dynamic languages like IronPython relieves you from a lot of the code you have to write just to keep the compiler happy.
The rest of the review presents a quick summary of the four parts of the book, with commentary. And his conclusion:
This book is a good read for all .NET developers who want to know about the new trend towards the dynamic languages and IronPython in particular. You get a good explanation what IronPython can do for you and how to go about solving every day programming problems. With the current push towards dynamic behavior, even in languages like C#, every experienced .NET developer should read this book!

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