Thursday, September 25, 2008

Assorted Snippets

Here are a collection of recent blog entries that feature IronPython but don't quite qualify for an IronPython-URLs entry of their own.

Starting with two new pages on the IronPython Cookbook:
A short recipe by Davy Mitchell that ensures user input is valid as a possible filename, removing invalid characters.
An entry by Dan Eloff demonstrating performance profiling for IronPython Silverlight applications.

Steve Gilham has been doing some odd things. Notably creating Java libraries in Java and Scala and then running them on .NET using the IKVM cross-compiler. I haven't been tracking them on this blog because most of the experiments have only been tangentially related to IronPython, but his latest entry is interesting. Here he is writing Scala (a very statically typed language for the Java Virtual Machine) code and using it from IronPython:
Which of course begs the question why?... it's still cool though.

UPDATE: In a new post Steve attempts to answer my question as to why he is doing this (and corrects my assumption that he is using IKVM to cross-compile Scala): Why am I doing this sort of thing?

Mitch Barnett has produced a promotional video (complete with rousing soundtrack) for his web based IronPython / DLR IDE the Global System Builder:


  1. Why indeed am I doing this sort of thing? A good enough question, worth writing a post to explain the method in the madness, beyond just pushing the boundaries of polyglot programming.

  2. Heh. :-)

    Thanks Steve - I've updated the entry.


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