Thursday, September 18, 2008

IronPython 2.0 Beta 5 Released

IronPython 2 Beta 5 has just been released. IronPython 2 is an implementation of Python for Mono and the .NET framework and is built on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime.

IronPython 2 Beta 5 is intended to be the last beta before the release of IronPython 2 final (although there will probably be at least one release candidate) - so if you want bugs fixing now is the time to test and report them!
This release includes fairly major changes to the DLR hosting API, including a new convenience class 'IronPython.Hosting.Python' that makes a lot of the common patterns for embedding IronPython a lot simpler.

It also includes some namespace moves to avoid clashing with .NET 3.5.

Over 100 codeplex work items (plus other bugs reported internally at Microsoft) were closed between beta 4 and beta 5. As this number includes items closed as 'duplicate' or 'by design' the actual number of bugs fixed is not reported... For the full list see the release notes, and if you're embedding IronPython then get ready to change your code again - but hopefully for the last time for a while.

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