Saturday, September 20, 2008

Embedding Boo and IronPython

Nahum Dotan has been trying to evaluate which of Boo and IronPython are more suitable for embedding. (Boo is a statically typed .NET / Mono programming language with duck typing and a Python inspired syntax.)

"In short, I didn’t come to a conclusion.

But I did have some fun. I played with the thought that using python’s native dictionary initialization syntax would be nice as a configuration file syntax (e.g. ini files).

So I whipped a sample project that would embed both Boo and IronPython and looked at the differences with usage. So far I’m liking IronPython better.

This example is ridiculously simple, but you can go ahead and tinker with the engines, its a good timekiller."

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  1. Boo as a language is very appealing but IronPython has a much better integration story.


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