Thursday, September 04, 2008

IronPython at PyWorks and PyCon UK Conferences

The PyWorks 2008 conference schedule is now up. This is a new conference, held in Atlanta November 12th-14th, by the same people who bring us the Python Magazine. I'll be speaking at PyWorks on IronPython: Python on .NET and in your Browser.
I'll also be at the UK Python conference (along with most of the Resolver Systems developers) in Birmingham September 12-14th. Three of us (Christian Muirhead, Menno Smits and I) will be giving a half day tutorial on Developing with IronPython (on the Friday morning). In this blog entry I talk about the sample application we'll be building together in the tutorial (come with IDE and ready to code) - plus a call for volunteers for the conference itself:
"The tutorial is based around a simple Twitter client, which Menno has named Twatter! We've been testing Twatter on Windows, Linux and the Mac (it doesn't look bad on the Mac)."

"At each step we will be introducing a new topic and explain the principles. We'll give the attendees the skeleton of the code and then assist you to add new functionality. It is a very simple application, but we will manage to cover topics including (all using .NET APIs from IronPython):"
  • Windows Forms
  • Databases
  • Web services and network access
  • Handling XML
  • Threading
UPDATE: Ross is one of the folks coming to the IronPython tutorial and he has blogged about preparing. Hopefully we will be able to answer his "why use IronPython?" question.

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