Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Game Scripting in IronPython

Calbert has written a MUD type game with C# and IronPython on the server, with the user interface in Silverlight.

"I wanted to explore this scripting for Perenthia because I want to be able to add dynamic functions or scripts to objects. I wrote this sample to test out using C# as base classes for IronPython classes and passing operations back and forth between the two. As such the source is kind of loose but the concepts are demonstrated.

What I have is a basic framework of C# classes that define an Actor (any object in the game), a Client (a connected player), a Game (the logic of the game) and a Server (for handling HTTP communication, etc.). The Actor, Client and Game classes also server as the base classes for IronPython classes or Creatures, NPCs, Players and Rooms."

In his blog entry he shows some of the C# classes and how they are used from IronPython.

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