Tuesday, September 09, 2008

IronPython Tutorial and Twatter on Mono

It's only a few days until PyCon UK. Christian, Menno and I have been preparing the IronPython tutorial and there is new information on the wiki about what you will need if you are attending.
We will support IronPython on Linux, Mac (both via Mono) or Windows - and you get to take your pick of four different databases.

During the tutorial we will work through creating a windows forms based Twitter client called Twatter. There are more details on my blog, along with a screenshot of it running on the Mac and a screenshot of the example application for the early chapters of IronPython in Action.
Since I wrote that entry Christian has done some more work, and Twatter now fetches images of tweeters. Here's a screenshot of it running with IronPython 2 and Mono 2.0 preview 3 on the Mac:


  1. May I strongly suggest you change the name of the demo application? It's the sort of joke that will get the tutorial pointed-at as a bad example, and that's unfortunate.

  2. I'm curious - as a bad example of what?

  3. Hmmm... an online dictionary gives it (the part I'm sure you are offended by) two meanings.


    In UK English the second meaning is more common (it is not generally considered an obscene word), whereas I assume that the first meaning is more common in the US?


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