Sunday, September 21, 2008

REMLOG and the Dynamic Languages Braintrust

Dave Remy is the uber-commander-in-chief of the dynamic languages at Microsoft, and he blogs.

If you've ever wondered what the dynamic language team members look like, Dave has some photos of them from a lunch meeting with the 'brain-trust':
He also got together with Mike Vincent, who is "on the Board of Directors of INETA (International .NET Association) which works to coordinate a huge community of .NET user groups".

INETA is in touch with a large community of .NET developers:

"It appears INETA has great momentum, with greater than 250 active user groups and over 100,000 active developers in North America, and a reach of approximately 1.2 million developers world-wide."
"One question we asked was how important Mike saw Visual Studio Integration for the Iron languages. We get feedback at times that it is more important to have a lightweight, quick to bring up, quick to close down, editor for script editing than full VS integration. Others tell us, make sure that we integrate well with VS now since this is their primary code editing tool. Mike’s response was that VS integration is “a big deal” for adoption by the mainstream .NET developer and consequently a must have."

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