Wednesday, September 24, 2008

IronPython and ASP.NET Integration Updated

The IronPython ASP.NET integration has been updated! The new home for "ASP.NET Dynamic Languages Support" is the ASP.NET Codeplex page:
Jimmy Schementi (responsible for the Dynamic Languages and Silverlight integration but who has also worked on this project along with David Ebbo and Phil Haack) is excited and invites you to join the party:
The new refresh includes support for using IronPython with 'normal' ASP.NET (webforms - but now updated to IronPython 2) and with the new ASP.NET MVC framework. For the MVC framework, IronPython is currently only integrated into the Views and not yet Controllers or Models.

There are samples plus documentation available and Jimmy's blog entry walks through creating an IronPython webforms site with Visual Studio.

Phil Haack, who is now PM for the ASP.NET Dynamic Language Support along with ASP.NET MVC, has also blogged about the new release:
This initial release targets IronPython first - IronRuby support will follow soon...

At least one Python blogger is excited by the news. Alcides Fonseca says:

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