Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Davy's IronPython Editor 00.01.71 Released

In a recent entry I listed some of the editors and IDEs you can use with IronPython, but I missed one off the list: Davy's IronPython Editor.

This is an IDE for IronPython written in IronPython and is the creation of Davy Mitchell. It comes in installable and mobile versions and the latest release is version 00.01.71.
Nearly 2 months on since the last release and the project has changed a lot and whilst not a massive update, I seriously recommend this upgrade. Thanks to the IronPython mailing list for support, suggestions and inspiration. Like any other project out there, I am desperate for feedback :-) Also if you have any new ideas for the future, let me know.

DIE has had about 400 downloads since launch. With blossoming interest in IronPython, (partly, I suspect, due to IronPython in Action) hopefully it will hit the 1000 mark soon! So pop along and download.

Here's the detail in what has changed in 00.01.70:
  • Mobile Version which stores options in same dir.
  • Installed version stores in User Profile. (Existing Settings files don't transfer over - sorry).
  • 'Find in Files' feature added.
  • Much much Improved Capture of output from running Python scripts.
  • Click on error output now opens file and goes to line.
  • Resources - MSDN links area now low bandwith versions, Python links and Powershell launch menu.
  • Added CheckBox and Listbox control to gen_GUI.
  • Syntax Box -Exposed new property to get Caret Screen position.
  • Autocomplete option added - default to OFF. Experimental parsing for strings, lists and dictionaries.
  • Bug fixes and performance updates.

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