Sunday, June 07, 2009

IronPython at Resolver Systems

These videos are from presentations my colleagues Jonathan Tartley and Giles Thomas did for Skills Matter in London. Inexplicably they are filed under Erlang on the Skills Matter website.
Jonathan Hartley, a developer at Resolver Systems talks about IronPython, and how it is used at Resolver Systems.

Resolver Systems's first product, Resolver One, is a desktop and web-accessible spreadsheet aimed primarily at the financial services market. It is written entirely in IronPython, and directly exposes end-users to Python, both as expressions in cell formulae, and as an embedded scripting language which provides programmatic access to spreadsheet content.

Resolver One launched in Spring of 2008, by which time the team had grown to fourteen people, and the codebase to 40k lines of product and 140k lines of tests. Here is an article by Jonathan about use of IronPython at Resolver Systems.
At the same event my boss, Giles Thomas, spoke about founding a startup:
Giles Thomas shares the story of founding Resolver Systems and answers questions about the company. Resolver Systems was founded in 2005 to produce a next generation spreadsheet. The founders, Giles Thomas, Robert Smithson and Patrick Kemmis, had all struggled with the challenges of running multi-million or multi-billion dollar businesses through poorly debugged spreadsheets. Their solution - Resolver One - seamlessly integrates a powerful and flexible programming language (IronPython) and a traditional spreadsheet environment. Resolver One is used by companies in the financial, oil exploration and pharmaceutical industries and in academia.

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