Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Embedding IronPython as a scripting language

Mark Bloodworth, Microsoft Architect Evangelist, shows how to use IronPython to add scripting to a .NET application.
A great way of extending an application is to allow users to write their own scripts. Fortunately, with the Dynamic Language Runtime it is fairly simple to provide scripting in your application. Let’s look at how to do it with a simple Windows Forms application and IronPython.


It’s simple to add powerful scripting support to your applications, while maintaining control over the scripting runtime means that you can restrict what any user entered code can do. I chose to show this example in IronPython, but the principles for doing this with Ironruby are identical (of course you’ll need a reference to IronRuby.) In fact, you could offer users the choice of languages.

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