Monday, June 08, 2009

iLove Sharepoint Reads IronPython in Action and Announces IronSharepoint

Christian Glessner is head of development at Data One and a Sharepoint expert. Even before IronPython in Action came out he was experimenting with integrating IronPython with Sharepoint and he has now enthusiastically reviewed the book with this in mind:
IronPython In Action covers all you need to get started with IronPython for a .NET or Python developer. It is written coherently without needless ballast, well suited to the philosophy of the language itself. My favorite chapters are “Silverlight: IronPython in the browser”, “Agile testing where dynamic typing shines” and “Embedding the IronPython engine”. The book has inspired me to found the CodePlex project IronSharePoint (coming soon) showing how you can develop SharePoint apps with IronPython. I’m convinced that in the near future dynamic languages will get more attention again, just think of the “dynamic” keyword in C# 4.0. Absolutely worth keeping an eye on it!

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