Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Good Mix 9: Cookbook recipes, articles and examples

Another selection of articles on IronPython from the last few weeks.
Saveen Reedy has a problem finding IronPython. More to the point he has an issue reliably finding the installed location when using both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows (which have different standard install locations).
A short blog entry demonstrating how IronPython integrates with the .NET framework by creating a simple GUI with Windows Forms and the interactive interpreter. The steps are virtually the same as I use when demoing IronPython to a .NET crowd.
This one is a bit meta, but still useful. It's a recipe I put on the IronPython cookbook and shows a 'slightly-different-from-the-usual' way to integrate C# with IronPython. It shows how you can use C# to programmatically create Python modules for use from IronPython.
Scott Hanselman has been playing with IronPython and .NET 4.0. He had some odd errors caused by old versions of the IronPython assemblies floating around. This blog entry of his is on using the Fusion Log Viewer to track down the problem.
Here's an example of how a tiny bit of digging saved me hours of confusion recently when I hit an unusual edge case. I was doing a build of sample that was showing C# interop-ing with IronPython, but I was using a daily build of .NET 4 and a random build of IronPython.

I made a mistake and had some really old DLLs floating around that I shouldn't have had. My symptom was a FileNotFoundException for the file "System.Dynamic.dll." I KNEW it was in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) and I could SEE it as a reference DLL in my directory. Can't find the file? Dude, it's right there!
Yet another person discovers how easy it is to use IronPython to interact with .NET assemblies and classes. He also likes IronPython in Action which is nice.
A Codeplex project that has been around for a while but I hadn't seen before. Someone has ported the ZedGraph charting library examples from C# to IronPython.

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