Saturday, June 27, 2009

The IronRuby Tutorial

Jimmy Schementi, program manager for the dynamic languages and Silverlight integration plus IronRuby developer, has pushed a new update to the IronRuby github repository.

One of the major changes is improvements to the IronRuby tutorial app.
As you can see from the screenshot this is a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation - which means it won't run on Mono) application which combines a tutorial with an integrated interpreter (REPL) for actually trying out the code:
Isn’t he/she/it a bute!? This app makes Ruby-based tutorials interactive, guiding you through the material with a IronRuby REPL console and other visual aids such as another window, or whatever the tutorial writer sees fit. There is also a tutorial runner for the command-line, and a exporter for static HTML.

The IronRuby tutorial included covers topics such as using the interactive window, built-in libraries, exploring .NET libraries, generics, events, Windows Forms, and Windows Presentation Foundation.
I'm highly envious of this for IronPython and it was always my intention to turn TryPython into something similar, but using Silverlight. With Silverlight 3 / Moonlight it could run in the browser or out of it. Who knows, I may still do it...

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