Tuesday, June 02, 2009

NWSGI Release and Django on IronPython

Jeff Hardy certainly keeps himself busy. First of all he has done a new release of NWSGI:
NWSGI 1.1 Preview 2 is exactly the same as Preview 1, except linked against IronPython 2.6 Beta 1. NWSGI is an implementation of the WSGI specification (Web Server Gateway Interface) for IronPython. It is implemented as an ASP.NET HttpHandler and is supported on the IIS 6 / 7 webservers (or any ASP.NET capable server). NWSGI allows the integration of Python applications like Trac and Django with existing ASP.NET facilities such as caching, sessions, and user management.
NWSGI isn't quite sufficient to get Django running with IronPython. To remedy this Jeff has a project hosted on bitbucket (Mercurial version control repository) with patches to support Django on IronPython.
On a casual glance the patches look pretty unobtrusive although I don't know how many of the Django tests pass on IronPython. It would be an important milestone to finally have Django working fully on IronPython.

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