Friday, October 02, 2009

Gestalt and Python and Ruby in HTML Script Tags

Gestalt is a project that uses Silverlight to allow the browser to be scripted with Python and Ruby in exactly the same way as you script it with Javascript - using the HTML <script> tag.

Jimmy Schementi has been working on the dynamic languages Silverlight integration, as outlined in his back to just text paper. He has begun the work he describes there and it is almost feature complete. It is all publicly accessible in a github repository (download zip-file).

You can see it in action in some great examples of what is possible with gestalt (very pretty) in the samples that Jimmy has ported over:
Jimmy is also looking for feedback on the code:
If you find any bugs, please report them on MY FORK's Issues tab (I wanted to use GitHub's issue tracking a little ... eventually I'll move them over to CodePlex when it gets checked in):

I'd like feedback on the code also, so feel free to code-review the commits so-far to enable this. They are in chronological order, so you can just click each link in order, and please leave your comments in the commit's "Comments" section at the bottom of each page...

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