Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Dynamic Languages Team

A blog entry from Lisa Feigenbaum (the Microsoft Visual Studio Languages Community Program Manager) introduces us to all the members of the IronPython and IronRuby development teams and the MVPs (community members).
IronRuby: website, mailing list
IronPython website, mailing list

In the blog post you can find details of all the team members, including links to their blogs and twitter accounts.

Team members:
  • Jim Deville (IronRuby)
  • Jimmy Schementi (program manager for dynamic languages Silverlight integration)
  • Harry Pierson (IronPython program manager - but not for much longer)
  • Dave Fugate (IronPython testing and release infrastructure guy)
  • Dino Veihland (IronPython)
  • Tomas Matousek (IronRuby I *think*)
  • Shri Borde (the man in charge)
  • David Dicatio (IronPython)
Missing from this list is John Lam (IronRuby program manager) and Curt Hagenlocher who was an IronPython developer but may now be working on a secret project...

The blog post also lists the Microsoft MVPs (Most Valued Professionals) who are community members recognised for their contributions.
  • Michael Foord (IronPython)
  • Jeff Hardy (IronPython)
  • Sarah Dutkiewicz (IronPython)
  • Michael Letterle (IronRuby)
  • Ivan Porto Carrero (IronRuby)


  1. I am working on a secret project.

    Alas, it's not related to IronPython. :(

  2. Tomas does indeed work on IronRuby.


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