Friday, October 09, 2009

IronPython articles in English and Videos in Turkish

Ibrahim Kivanc is a Turkish blogger and programmer whose articles on Silverlight we have covered previously. He has now translated some of his articles on IronPython into English for us poor foreigners and created some screencasts in Turkish.
 As you know programming languages classified in two way; Dynamic Languages and Static Languages.

In some cases Dynamic Languages has many advantages rather then Static Languages. Python/IronPython and Ruby are Dynamic Languages; C#,Visual Basic are Static Languages.

Dynamic Languages that execute at runtime many common behaviors that other languages might perform during complication, if at all. These behaviors could include extension of the program, by adding new code, by extending objects and definitions, or by modifying the type system, all during program execution. These behaviors can be emulated in nearly any language of sufficient complexity, but dynamic languages provide direct tools to make use of them.
 Python + .NET, That takes the cake! Python runs on .NET… that sounds good.  Flexibility and easy coding of Python and powerful platform .NET together. Also on the great development enviroment of Visual Studio. This must be a dream :)

This news took me to my childhood year; Voltron cartoon! :) Powerful heroes  combined with shining then become most powerful hero, Voltron. IronPython sounds like Voltron :)
And the videos:
 IronPython Studio'ya daha yakindan bakmaya ne dersiniz?
 Bu videoda IronPython ile .NET kütüphanelerine erisime yakindan bakmaya ne dersiniz?

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