Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Good Mix 27: A Dynamic T-Shirt, Testoob, Mathematica and Blaze

Yet another collection of IronPython and DLR related articles, projects and blog entries from the past few weeks.
 An IronPython T-Shirt created by Harry Pierson. The text is C# + IPy = <3. You had me at "dynamic".
 The latest release of the Testoob project (yet-another-Python-testing-framework) announces IronPython support. I haven't used Testoob, but it is nice to see more projects supporting IronPython:
Testoob is an advanced testing framework and test runner for Python. As a test runner, it can run your unittest test suites and make your test-running easy with tons of useful options. As a framework, you can use it to make your test-writing easy with even more useful options.

Version 1.15 (Oct. 2009) adds better Python 2.6, IronPython, and Jython support, as well as test coverage improvements, better color support, and some new options and bugfixes.
For interactive experimentation, particularly in the scientific and mathematical fields, a big competitor to Python is Mathematica.

A Japanese blogger has created an interactive shell (using IronPython - for working with the Mathematica Player. This is a continuation of his article on using Mathematica with IronPython which is short but links to several other resources on the topic (also in Japanese).
 A review of Blaze, the IronPython desktop automator. The review is mostly positive and includes a list of suggestions for further improvements, including a couple of enhancements for the IronPython scripting integrations:
  • Allow Blaze Assistant to export suggested automations to IronPython scripts. 
  • Enhance Blaze integration with IronPython. Currently, the first time a script is run takes quite a while.
 A report from another developer who has been having fun experimenting with IronPython. Mike Hansford is also finding the IronPython integration in the SharpDevelop IDE helpful:
When I get completely jaded with Visual Studio and C# / VB, I’m discovering that SharpDevelop and IronPython make not only a refreshing change but really help with making progress when I’m building out a sticky piece of code. Previously, I’d open a fresh project in C# in Visual Studio and go from there. It’s OK, but switching to a dynamic language that is C-like has been great. SharpDevelop even has a console with (hallelujah!) Intelli-Sense! :-)

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